Upcoming Workshops Events 

I have been able to have open creative workshop events at Thrive mental health and empowerment festival in Derby focusing on empowerment and gratitude. I have been able to facilitate my events in galleries such as Three Doors up in Cardiff and I have been able to facilitate taster sessions at charity events. I have facilitated Creative and Sensory Workshops at festivals such as Deer stock Festival and Bearded Theory Festival.I have facilitated  workshops at Schools working with children of all abilities focusing on helping them develop  their confidence and  well being, express themselves creatively.  My events are open to all abilities. So why not have a look at my upcoming events below and come along more details are on the social media links below.



"I came home singing and I had a real spring in my step, felt really uplifted afterwards. Such a free-spirited creative session. To share your art and thoughts in a group creates such a powerful harmony. Dani is a lovely person, friendly, down to earth and so natural in her engaging style of facilitation. Can't wait till the next time!!!!"- A Participant response  From my Gratitude Creative  Workshop event at  Thrive mental health and wellbeing festival in Derby 




My next public events are: 

Create to Motivate  10am-12pm 28th March 2020

Carnero Lounge 10 St Peters St, Derby DE1 1SH

Create to express and Recharge  10 am -5pm 19th September 2020 at Lykke Wellbeing Festival Roundhouse College, Roundhouse Rd, Derby DE24 8JE





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One to One Workshops 

My one to one workshops is designed around what the participants want to work towards whether that's developing confidence or verbal communication skills I like to work in a person-centred way so I believe that the ownership should be shared. so why not book your own personal session today!


"After my session with Dani I felt so much more creative and my mind felt healthier than it did at all in that day beforehand! She's so good at what she does, and so passionate, resulting in her doing such a great job at these creative therapy workshops! Would definitely recommend you try at least once" A Participants Response when we worked on developing their confidence through a series of sessions  

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Group Workshops 

My Group Workshops are designed to help people come together and create, I have seen participants build relationships from my workshops and have reflective discussions about how they did not see themselves as creative however after coming to my session they realised it is not always about the outcome but more about the process. This is perfect if you also want to bring your friends together to create so why not get some of your friends together or request a group workshop today!


"The sessions
Dani does are incredible, even if you don't feel focused and creative at the beginning you will at the end! Her positive vibes and spirit radiate and make you feel good just by being around her! Even just an hour with this lovely lady will brighten your day and make you see the brighter side of life" This response was taken from  a participant from a Group Workshop which I facilitated n Derby 

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