Workshops For Your Organisation 

If your looking for something to help improve your work environment or helping your existing clients or the  having an event for the public. I have got the answer for you! I  offer amazing creative and wellbeing sessions which are bespoke to you and your organisation. I have  designed and delivered sessions for CAMHS, Bridge The Gap, Derby City Community Trust, Derbyshire Careers, local schools, Derby University and Festivals such as Deer stock, Bearded Theory, Unlimate Wellbeing Festival and  I have now extended this service to online where you can participate with just a touch of a button 

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Create to Empower

One to One Workshops 

If your looking for a service which is bespoke to you which you can access at a time and a focus of your choice then this ones for you! 


My one to one sessions are designed around what the participants  desires to work towards whether that's developing confidence, managing your mental health in the best way to suit you and as i am very flexible in the way that i work this means i can work in the best way to suit your needs! 

If you would like to access support from this service in the comfort of your own home you now can as i am delivering theese sessions face to face and online!! woo woo! 

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Do you like to be surrounded by like-minded people? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Want something out of the ordinary for a birthday celebration or day out? 


Well, i have something special for you!  


My Group Workshops are designed to help people come together to thrive and get creative and have fun! , I have had the opportunity of seeing participants build the most amazing relationships and become even closer as friends its a beautiful atmosphere!

I also decorate the space to ensure that the experience is extra special just for you because you are worthy!

I facilitate weekly group sessions every Wednesday at 7 pm-8 pm online so you can participate in the comfort of your own home! 

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Group Workshops 

During the COVID-19 crisis I have not been able to deliver my face to face workshops, so I am hosting online sessions where you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

You won't need fancy materials as my sessions are inclusive and person-centred.

Research shows that living through a crisis can cause a lot of anxiety. Everyone lives through their own individual crises but right now it seems the whole world is in crisis. Bello Mind and Soul was developed to help assist individuals going through crisis through creativity and now we have created a permanent  online service​


Best Wishes and stay safe and lets stand together