I have been involved in work with Michal Iwanowski

Hi, I'm Dani!
I created Bello Mind and Soul to help people create to express. From graduating with BA (Hons) creative and therapeutic arts at the University of South Wales I have been able to gain three years of experience, facilitating my own workshops and working with children and adults with mental health needs and learning disabilities. Since Graduating I have earned another year of experience of facilitation as  I have been involved in health and wellbeing festivals, charity events and worked closely with local schools. I can offer group or one to one workshops structured around your own personal goals and what you want to achieve! I specialise in multimedia and recycled materials and sensory art. I believe that it is about the process of the art making and not the outcome, So book a session today and let's create to express together!
Photo Credit: Michal Iwanowski
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