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Bello Mind and Soul
'Create to Express and De-stress'

Do you have a life obstacle you're trying to overcome? 


Support from a certified expert is the best way to put things into perspective. 


As a committed professional, your well-being and mental strength are my top priority. 


I'm happy to guide you through life's challenges with the attention and care you deserve.

I use creative art making to break the stigma and overwhelm connected with mental health struggles. 

My work is accessible for all ages, and the best thing?


You don't have to be good at art! 

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What are the benefits of Art and Wellbeing?  

Creative art-making puts you in the seat of the observer. This helps you make sense of your trauma without worrying about what words to use.

Art-making in a safe space reduces stress, anxiety, and eases depression. The process of art-making actually provides the tools you need to prevent crisis! 

Who knew play could be so effective?

I teach you life-changing techniques that build strong coping mechanisms. These help reduce stress, prevent burnout and boost your confidence. Learn how to live your life without any limiting beliefs.

Prevent crisis with play:

Make sense of your trauma:

Build strong coping mechanisms:

Art and well-being is about immersing yourself in the art-making process. It’s not about being Picasso! It’s simply giving yourself permission to play. Then allowing creative expression to freely flow.


Art-making slows down your nervous system. This increases feelings of relaxation and calm. But that's not the only benefit. It also helps to…

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1:1 Art and Wellbeing Work 

Group Creative Mindfullness Interventions for your organisation 

Public speaking 



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